BSA Troop 205 2005 Activities
A Message From Our Leaders
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Updated October 14, 2007

Hershey Bears Hockey, December 28
Chris and Matt watched the Hershey Bears beat the Albany River Rats 4-2. Ask them about the smashing good time!
Ski Roundtop, December 17
Matt W, Chris, Cody G, Grason, Anthony, Cody T, Mack and Alex had a great time at Ski Roundtop on December 17. They had the opportunity to take ski or snowboard lessons, and then spent the day all over Roundtop! With some more practicing, they can talk to Mr. Al about the snow sports merit badge next year.

Photos from Rodney
Cabin Camping at Rodney, December 2-4, 2005
8 scouts, 1 Webelos and 5 adults braved the cold December air at Camp Rodney to cook apple pies in a Dutch oven. Anthony, Kevin, Chris, Will, Matt W, Randy, Shawn, Cody T, and Alex worked on Knife and Axe skills, cut wood for the fire, practiced fire building then cooked their meals over the fire. Will, Matt and Chris learned how to estimate heights using shadows, while others tried to fish in the wind. Congratulations to everyone for an extremely well done orienteering course.
Blood Drive
Matt D, Matt W, and Chris obtained volunteers. We hope that everyone will help with the shelter drive in the spring. Community service is an important part of scouting.

Photos from Orienteering
Orienteering Campout at Broad Creek, November 4-6, 2005
The troop competed in their first orienteering challenge weekend on November 5. Anthony, Cody G, Kevin, Chris, Grason, Will, Matt W, Austin, Cody T and Alex did a great job. They competed in several challenges, including traditional and reverse orienteering - where they had to plot the coordinates after finding the markers! Troop 205 placed 16th out of over 60 troops participating – good job!

Photos from the Camporee
Fall Camporee, September 23-25, 2005
This year we joined with the First Capital District form York for their Fall Camporee at Tuckahoe. The theme was "Be Prepared" - the boys were given a list of materials to bring, and needed to 'be prepared' for several patrol challenges. They were also treated to demonstrations on fire fighting, scuba diving, and conservation. Austin, Matt W, Cody T, Chris, Kevin, Grason, Randy and Shawn worked together on tree and animal identification, fire building, campsite inspection, mouse trap fishing and potato chip testing!

Photos from Summer Camp
Summer Camp at Tuckahoe, July 9-16, 2005
The Troop had a great first year at summer camp. Matt D, Matt W, Will, Chris, Kevin, Randy and Shawn worked hard and played harder, and the food was great!
Matt D spent every morning taking a long hike up to the COPE course, to play on high ropes and cables in the trees all week.
The troop earned the Baden Powell Honor Troop Award for participating in a large number of activities at camp. Only a very few troops earn this award each week! As part of the fun, Chris, Matt, Will, and Randy went on a Polar Bear swim - they were in the pool at 7am Monday morning! Kevin, Chris, Matt, Will, and Randy hiked the Red trail during the day, and the entire troop hiked it at night. Kevin was the ONLY scout in the entire camp of 520 scouts who was up for a 7am run on Wednesday and Randy was the ONLY scout in camp who went on the flashlight nature hike one night, in the rain! They also participated in several camp-wide campfires, and sang a special song the first night - ask them to sing it for you.
The week's event also included a troop rifle shoot and camp good turn. The pioneering section was a favorite, with the rope bridge and swing.
Everyone earned their totin' chip and Leave No trace at Pioneering. Several boys were able to complete merit badges this summer:
Congratulations to everyone, and plan to come next year!

Photos from the Baseball Campout
Senators Baseball Overnight, July 4, 2005
The troop attended the Annual Senator's Baseball game, fireworks and Scout Sleep Out July 3-4. The boys who stayed met the players, watched a movie, and played games all night! After a great night out under the stars, they were given breakfast and headed home. Almost 1000 scouts attended this year! Ralph stayed for the game, and Kevin, Chris, Will, Matt W and Tim stayed all night.

Photos from Millersville
Millersville Campout, June 3-5, 2005
The June campout was held at Circle M Campground in Millersville. Activities included swimming in both the pool and water park, and miniature golf. The highlight was a trip to the Lancaster Barnstormer's game, courtesy of Mr. Kuhn. Matt D, Cody, Chris, Will, Matt W, Randy, and Shawn attended. We also had Mac and his father as a special guest. Mac is a Webelo 2 who finished several of his Webelos requirements with us. Welcome, Mac!!

Photos from Conawago
Conawago and Kings Gap Campout, May 13-15, 2005
Scouts Matt D., Matt W., Will, Randy, Kevin, Shawn, Chris, Tim, and Grason spent a weekend practicing compass skills, lashing and knots, cooking, and fire building. Everyone had a lot of fun. The weekend ended in a visit to king’s Gap State Park, where each patrol competed in a beginner orienteering course. Both teams did extremely well, completing the course in less than the average time.

Photos from the Parade
Gettysburg Memorial Day Parade , May 30, 2005
Scouts Matt D., Cody, Chris, Matt W., and Kevin marched in the Gettysburg Memorial Day Parade. The key address was given by Astronaut Neil Armstrong. He spoke about the importance of preserving democracy and a unified nation back then, and today.

Photos from the Camporee
Spring Camporee, April 22-24, 2005
It rained, it poured, and we had fun. All 13 Scouts and 4 Leaders attended with over 250 Scouts and Leaders from other troops. We are very proud of our troop and youth leaders for accomplishing a youth run program at our very first campout! There were many experienced troops at the event that have yet to allow the boys to lead.
We have begun work on the Totin’ Chit that every Scout must complete to be able to use a knife, saw, or axe on a Scout activity. We will complete some of this work at future troop meetings and on future campouts.

Photos from Bowling
Bowling , March 16, 2005
Twelve of our scouts went bowling at Springfield and had a great time. Including adults, guests, and families, we had 26 people bowling in 5 lanes. Special recognition goes to Randy for the most artistic style, and to Cody for the imaginative usage of napkins in a wardrobe.

Photos from the five mile hike
5 Mile Hike on the Rail Train, March 10, 2005
Forming a new troop, a good first activity is a patrol 5-mile hike. Having two patrols, each set off on the rail trail, with only newly elected youth leaders, for a hike. This also gives a chance to get the parent’s together while waiting at the end.
Troop 205 Chartered, February 2005
Troop 205 was chartered in February 2005, consisting of Webelos Scouts from local packs, as well as former and current Boy Scouts from local troops. Our goal is to provide a Scouting program based on the Patrol Method serving the youth of the local communities.