Updated October 14, 2007
Spring Camporee at Wizard Ranch, April 27-29, 2005

This is the first real campout as a new troop, and we have no troop gear yet. Every tent, pot and pan, and stove were borrowed from parents to make this a success. Parents had to stay long enough to tell the boy’s how to set up so many different types of tents. In the rain.
One patrol activity was a tabor toss – “trowiing” a 4x4 beam for distance and accuracy. After coaching, even the smaller Scouts were successful.
A troop goal was to teach everyone proper usage of an axe and saw. The SPL (transferred from another troop) and one father (Camp Tuckahoe summer camp Commissioner) took on the task of working with every Scout on these skills.
A patrol tug of war against other troops was a lot of fun. Our Scouts may be new, but some of the boys are not small, and did a good job.
Scouts, who did a good job considering how little training they have had to date, prepared all meals. Cooking for the first time is hard enough made harder by the rain.