Updated October 14, 2007
Summer Camp at Camp Tuckahoe, July 9-16, 2005

Summer Camp is for adventure. Our SPL chose to spend his morning in C.O.P.E. – a high adventure ropes course for older scouts. After a week of training and team building, Scouts participate in an obstacle course high up in the trees at Tuckahoe.
Also high up in the trees above the troop campsite gateway is the troop mascot.
And lower along the ground is a Scout resting in his homemade rope hammock.
Traditional Scout camp activities were enjoyed by everyone. These included shooting sports with .22 rifles, archery, and shotguns.
A part of a camp-wide game had the troops defending the shore from pirates – shooting water balloons across the lake at the pirates in canoes.
Pioneering is a long-standing Boy Scout tradition. Everyone got to use the Monkey Bridge, swings, and towers in the Scoutcraft area.
And cooling off in the water is important too. All our new Scouts worked on their swimming merit badge. As part of the badge you learn “drown-proofing” where you inflate your clothes and use them to float until help can arrive.