Updated October 14, 2007
Fall Camporee, September 23-25, 2005

The Camporee had various groups come in and work with the Scouts. One group was the local fire department, who taught the boys about fire safety and a citizen’s responsibility in reporting and preventing fires. They also have the coolest toys – like a fire truck that pumps water from the lake. Each of the Scouts got a change to use it.
Part of the Department of the Environment’s work with the scouts showed them how samples are taken and examined of streams to determine the health of that stream. Each Patrol took samples from a Camp steam, and were assisted in analyzing it by examining organisms, plants, and other aspects of the water. Our camp has some above average healthy water in the streams, but not fit to drink.
The Fish and Wildlife department has their own “CSI” group, responsible for looking into accidents involving animals and people. They set up an accident scene, and walked the Scouts through observations to determine what may have really happened in a hunting accident.
The Forestry department taught about forest management – good tress, bad trees, and too few or too many trees. The Scouts helped re-forest a part of camp along with the rangers.
And there were tests of Scouting skills. Fire building, first aid, tracking, lashing, and most of all teamwork. In “Snapper Fishing”, they had to catch “Snappers” (mousetraps) located 20 feet away from them. They had to lash poles together, and come up with a way to get the mousetraps to stick to their lines and catch the fish.