Updated October 14, 2007
Orienteering at Broad Creek, November 4-6, 2005

This was something new for the scouts, a chance to put into practice their map and compass skills. The event started with a learning course multiple markers hidden in a set area that you had to find based on marks on the map you were given. Boys teamed up in groups of 2 and spent the morning learning how much they did not understand and know.
The afternoon was two events. The first reverse orienteering, where your group of two followed a trail and found markers. Then, using what you saw on the topographical map, place a mark on the map showing where you found the marker. The second event you had the marks on the map, and hard to find the markers.
The day covered 6-8 miles per person, and left everyone tired. Most enjoyed orienteering, and are looking forward to a future event.