Updated October 14, 2007
Camp Rodney, December 2-4, 2005

It was a very cold day along side the Chesapeake Bay, with temperatures well below freezing, and a cabin with more holes in the walls than windows! To keep warm, a large amount of firewood was needed. This gave a good change to refresh everyone on their wood cutting skills.
Once you have the wood, you need a fire. Inside the cabin we kept the stove roaring all the time. Outside, the patrols had to cook on fire for this trip (their decision), so a lot of time was spent looking at building a good cooking fire.
For the first time everyone got to work with a Dutch oven. The Scouts learned about preparation and curing of a Dutch oven and usage and cleaning. Each patrol had to make an apple pie for desert.
Nice pie for a first try!
As the day ended, there was a massive pillow fight in the back of the cabin.
Followed by the reward for a hard day’s work!