BSA Troop 205 2006 Activities
Providing adventure and leadership opportunities for Boys ages 11-17 in Southern York County
Updated December 27, 2006

Hershey Bears Hockey, December 27, 2006
Scouts Max, Matt, Chris, Kevin, Steven, and Brian watched as the Calder Cup Champion Hershey Bears beat the Philadelphia Phantoms 4 to 1 at the Giant Center in Hershey. We had great seats five rows back from the ice, and watched as Mr. Kuhn had a close encounter with a flying puck! The puck landed in the next section over, so we were not able to get it. Everyone had a great time, and we look forward to doing it again next year.

Christmas Caroling at the Lutheran Home, December 23, 2006
Saturday December 23 families from troop 205 joined Pack 48 to sing Christmas Carols at the Lutheran home. Attending from the troop were Brian, Kevin, Chris, Max, Will, Matt, Derek, and Dustin. The residents often joined us in the songs, and thanked us for coming. Special thanks to Pack 48 for including us in this event.

Skiing and Snowboarding at Ski Roundtop, December 16, 2006
December 16 the weather was around 60 degrees, but Scouts Max, Cody T., Matt, Chris, and Kevin along with guest David spent the day playing in the snow. The package started with a lesson for those who needed it, and included rentals and an all day lift ticket. By the end of the day they were racing and playing games while coming down the slopes. Cody found it much easier this year after having a rough time last year learning. Chris switched to boarding after learning skiing the past several years, and found that to be very different. Everyone had a great time, and will do it again.

Photos from Conawago
Woodcarving at Camp Conawago, December 8-10, 2006
Scouts Derek, Max, Austin, Matt, Steven, and Brian spent a weekend learning the basics of woodcarving at Camp Conawago. They started by designing a totem pole. They agreed on four designs that were then transferred onto the log, and then cut out by chisel. After hours of work, it is beginning to look like a totem pole, and will be finished at future troop events. Additionally, Scouts worked on physical fitness and nature requirements, and practiced knot tying in several contests. The evenings were spent doing these activities, playing chess, and playing games in the field by flashlight. There was then a nighttime nature hike. Among the wildlife observed were several woodpeckers of two different varieties, and tracks from raccoons and a fox.

Photos from backpacking
Backpacking on the Appalachian Trail, November 10-12 2006
November 10 Troop 205 set out for their first overnight backpacking trip. Scouts Cody G., Max, Alex, Steven, Mack, Kevin, Chris, Will, Cody T., Matt W., and Eli presented themselves for inspection and set out to Pine Grove Furnace State Park. After setting up base camp making shelters from tarps, they settled in for a good nights sleep.
Saturday Morning camp was dismantled, all gear and food distributed between backpacks, and everyone set off along the Appalachian Trail. Mr. Bob and Mrs. Deb provided base camp support, while the Scouts hiked with Mr. Larry, Mr. Hugo, and Mr. Steve.
The Appalachian Trail runs from Maine to Georgia, and is marked by white blazes along the trees and rocks for over 2,000 miles. Along the hike was the midpoint of the trail, with a marker showing the distance to Maine and Georgia. The Scouts hiked almost 3 miles before taking lunch. After lunch, several of the boys and leaders took a one mile roundtrip hike without their packs to Pole Steeple, a cliff with a really great view.
The Scouts continued another 3 miles to the crossing of an old road. With the time now after 4:30, and little remaining light, the decision was made to change the hike plan and set up camp for the night. Mr. Bob had left a note at this intersection that he was trying to deliver some additional supplies, and could not find us since we were behind schedule. We had Mr. Hugo hike down to find Mr. Bob and let him know the change of plans.
After setting up shelters and eating dinner, everyone turned in for the night. During the night there were showers as predicted, but everyone stayed warm, even though some water found it’s way into some shelters.
Sunday Mr. Hugo returned for his pack, we packed up, ate breakfast, and hiked the remaining mile down to the pickup point with Mr. Bob and Mrs. Deb, and returned home.

Apollo 13 Commander James Lovell, Baltimore Speaker Series, November 6 2006
Thanks to complimentary tickets from the Baltimore speakers Series, Scouts Alex, Brian, Matt D., Cody G., Mack, Chris, Max, Matt W., and Dustin were able to see Apollo 13 Commander James Lovell speak on his adventure in space. Commander Lovell spoke in detail of his adventure, stressing teamwork, preparedness, determination, and other qualities which made the Apollo 13 disaster a success. He touched upon the role that Scouting had played in his life as a boy, and he is currently the chairman of the National Eagle Scout Association. He took questions from the audience, and spoke of his belief that we will someday be walking on Mars. It was a very enjoyable event, and one that the scouts and adult leaders will always remember.

Haloween Camp Photos
Cub Halloween Day/Weekend, Camp Tuckahoe, Dillsburg PA, October 20-22 and October 28, 2006
Troop 205 joined several other troops from around the council to participate in staffing the Halloween Day at Camp Tuckahoe, October 20-22. Austin, Matt, Alex, Steven, Tyler, Dustin, Chris, Cody T., and Kevin set up camp in Conoy campsite, and haunted Maple Lodge. Under the leadership of Cody T., Scouts planned the haunting for several weeks at the troop meetings, borrowed materials from their families, and set up a very scary lodge. They created a maze using bunks, mattresses, and cardboard, filled it with eerie music and smoke, spider webs, and monsters. It proved too much for some of the over 500 Cub Scouts, but most had a great time and enjoyed being scared.
Our Scouts spent most of the day helping and running activities for the Cubs, including setting up the bb and archery ranges, Halloween bowling, bobbing for apples, monster crafts and monster twister. They still had time to do some impressive cooking, serving burritos, and Dutch oven baked barbecue chicken. Several had a chance to contact other Scouts from Delaware and California as part of the Jamboree on the Air – an annual ham radio event Scouts participate in from around the world. The day ended with Austin and Alex serving ice cream to all the Scouts who helped make the day a success.
Seven Scouts returned to Tuckahoe on October 28 for the second Halloween Day to once again haunt the cabin and help staff events.

Camp Mack Photos
Teamwork Skills Camping, Camp Mack, Lititz PA, September 29 - October 1, 2006
The weekend started out with some leadership training of our elected leaders, and the appointment of patrol and troop responsibilities. Each patrol now has an Assistant Patrol Leader, Quartermaster, Scribe, and Historian, and the troop now has an official Assistant Senior Patrol Leader and Quartermaster. This will allow everyone to share leadership and responsibility for our future successes. Attending were troop leaders Cody G. and Max, Alien Patrol members Austin, Will, Matt, Alex, Steven, and Hippie Patrol members Dustin, Cody T., Chris, Kevin, Randy, and Mack. Webelos attending from three local packs were Brian, Eli, Tyler, Nathaniel, and Jacob. Derek joined us for part of Saturday to work with Scouts and Webelos on knife and axe safety. During the weekend, Scouts and Webelos participated in climbing activities on the camp’s rocky ledges, worked on advancement skills, went fishing in the camp pond, participated in some teambuilding activities, and hiked several miles around the camp. Webelos and Scouts learned some basic knots and lashings, and built a tree fort using pioneering techniques.

50 Mile Cycle Photos
50 Mile Bike Ride, Gettysburg to New Freedom, September 17, 2006
The weather could not have been better for a ride from Gettysburg to New Freedom, covering 50 miles of road and trail in 8 hours. Completing all 50 miles were Alex B., Brian, Cody G., Kevin, Chris, Max, Keith, Matt, Dustin, and Randy. Webelos Scout Eli proved what he was made of by riding 30 miles, on a 1 speed bike! After 30 miles on the roads, we passed by the York Fair into historic downtown York for lunch. Hotdogs were cooked and served along the river, where the York Canoe and Kayak Club was holding competitions. After spending a few minutes looking for restrooms, Scouts were able to see the York Colonial Courthouse, where the Articles of Confederation were signed. We were joined by a few other adults, and Webelos Scouts Alex R. and Tyler. The final 20 miles were on the northern part of the Rail Trail, leading into New Freedom Station. A special thanks to all the adults who provided support for this event and kept everyone hydrated, safe, and well fed, to Mr. Larry who completed all 50 miles, and the other adults who road the last 20. Trip Route

VA Cycling Photos
Cycling and Hiking in Virginia, August 6 - 12
On August 6 Cody, Austin, Alex, Kevin, Matt, Chris, Dustin, Kieth, and Noah set out on a 7 day adventure in Virginia. These Scouts and their leaders started with a cycle trip to Washington's birth place, and ended with a cycle trip that included Mount Vernon, which is where he lived and died. In between, they were able to visit historic sites, cycle, and hike through various parts of Virginia. Each evening we updated their adventures live on this site for friends and family. Here is the log of their trip with photos.

Tuckahoe Photos
Summer Camp at Camp Tuckahoe, July 9 - 15
Take 9 boys and 3 adults and send them to Tuckahoe for a hot, muggy, week full of fun and adventure. You get: 22 full merit badges, 2 partials, 2 Iron Men, 2 ¼ mile swimmers, 2 Paul Bunyan Axemen, 4 Wilderness Survivalists and the Baden Powell Troop Award. The boys worked hard, played hard, and fought moths all week. Some memorable highlights: Hardest work for Merit Badges Award– Kevin’s First Aid, Matt and Dustin for Lifesaving. Wilderness Survival – Matt, Kevin, Dustin and Chris spent the night at the Outpost in shelters they built. Iron Men – Dustin and Kevin ran, canoed, swam and shot archery in this timed event. Alex caught fish!!!!! Folks actually did homework at camp. First Aid Award – Cody T’s knee. Scout Spirit Award – Austin, who voluntarily came to cheer on both the Iron Men and the ¼ mile swimmers, and cleaned up camp!!!
Harrisburg Senators Baseball, July 3, 2006
On July 3, Alex, Kevin, and Matt watched the Harrisburg Senators defeat their opponent 9 to 5, including 3 excellent home runs. Matt was lucky enough to catch a fly ball. City Island had been under water the week before when Harrisburg flooded. Due to concerns about bacteria, the overnight campout was not held after the game. As always, players made themselves available for autographs after the game.

Swim Photos
Summer Swimming at the YMCA, June 8, 22, July 5, 19, August 3, 17
This summer we scheduled 6 swims at the YMCA. This was a time for the Scouts to have some fun, practice some skills, and cool off in the summer. Scouts worked on their diving skills and retrieved a 10 pound weight from 9 feet of water preparing for work on the lifesaving merit badge. Everyone spent time playing with a beach ball and just having fun. Attending were Derek, Dustin, Cody G., Matt, Mac, Alex, Will, and Noah.

Millersville Photos
Millersville Campout, June 2-4
June 2-4 found us at the Circle M Campground in Millersville. Scouts Shawn, Cody G., Matt W., Kevin, Mack, Brian, Chris, Randy, Cody T., and Alex started the weekend with a lesson in Camping Merit Badge 101 – the proper way to set up in the rain. Follow this, everyone enjoyed a game on miniature golf with some very natural water traps. Friday evening also featured some table tennis, pool, and air hockey. Saturday the sports and activities continued with basketball and swimming. The Scouts all enjoyed the water slide and had a good, wet time. Afternoon featured fishing and a shuffle board competition. The top 3 Scouts of the two matches were Randy with 108, Shawn with 110 and Brian with an amazing 122. The Spam Patrol defeated the Aliens in overall score.
Cycle Trip for the Cycling Merit Badge, May 25
As part of a troop meeting the Scouts completed 10 miles on their bikes, passing through the farmlands of New Freedom and the surronding communities. Trip Route

Field Day Photos
Interpack Field Day, May 7
Troop 205 played host to over 150 Cubs from 5 packs for the Third Annual Interpack Field Day. Events included Bocce, Ultimate, Flag Football, an Obstacle Course, and some games. A special thanks to Cody G, Matt W, Chris, and Mack for running games for the cub scouts at the annual InterPack Field Day, We had lots of great feedback on their awesome job. Thanks also to Shawn and Randy for helping Mr. Bob feed the hungry group. Thanks to leaders and Scouts from Troops 48 and 90 for their assistance, and a special thanks to Mr. Seichrist for his help with food.

Bowling Photos
Troop Bowling, May 5
Cody G, Kevin, Chris, Matt W, Randy, Shawn, Mack and Brian showed their stuff at the annual Troop Bowling night. Cody once again showed his origami skills.

Project Photos
Shrewsbury Main Street Beautification Service Project, April 30
The troop is partnering with a group of local citizens and merchants to beautify and preserve Main Street Shrewsbury. We were able to obtain a grant from WalMart and buy plants and soil for some new planters for various locations in Town. We also put together 4 new benches that sit at the Square on Main Street. This is the first of several community service projects that we have planned!

Camperall Photos
Camporall, April 28-30
This year our TLC opted to attend the Blue and Gray District's Camporee. Even with the cold temperature, the weather was great!!!! Anthony, Cody G, Mack, Alex, Matt, Cody T, Chris, and Kevin and Austin participated in a lot of scout craft events this weekend. They hosted a visiting Webelos Scout for the night. Activities included code breaking, flag pole building, Travois (look it up if you don't know), canoe races - on land, nature, and other things. A rock band of local Scouts performed, and was followed by a campfire and OA Tap out.

Cycle Photos
Rail Trail Cycling, April 23
Despite the threat of bad weather, Cody G, Kevin, Chris, Matt, Alex, Randy and Shawn rode 15 miles on the Rail trail on Sunday, April 23. A highlight was riding through the Historic Howard Tunnel, and seeing Mr. Bob’s bike. members of Crew 205 also attended. This was the first and seven bike rides planned by the TLC for the Cycling Merit Badge. Trip Route

Conawago Photos
Conawago Campout, March 17-19
Alex, Brian, Anthony, Kevin, Chris, Will, Cody T., Matt W., Austin, Randy, and Shawn attended the campout at Camp Conawago in March. Conawago is one of our council’s Scout Camps, and is recognized as one of the oldest Scout Camps in America. Planned activities centered on a 26 foot tower constructed using pioneering lashings. All Scouts participated in cutting the stakes to secure the tower, trimming the poles to the correct lengths, and then securing the proper square or tripod lashings to make the tower. When completed, the tower was able to hold all 11 attending scouts. Additional activities included a brief introduction into rock climbing and repelling, and plenty of time for football and fishing. The boys were joined by a Baltimore troop for a nighttime game of capture the flag.

Community Service at H.O.P.E., February 25
Scouts Alex, Anthony, Chris, Cody T., Kevin, Matt W., Randy, and Shawn SPL Matt D. in his Eagle Project at H.O.P.E. in New Freedom. Matt has been organizing an effort to renovate, furnish, and re-stock a new storage area for Hope. Hope is a local organization that works with Cancer Patients of all ages, as well as their families, to provide whatever support services are needed while dealing with this illness. Their support ranges from information, assistance with medical needs, baby sitting, farm tending, and transportation, to anything else the families could need. Congratulations to Matt for his successful leadership, and thanks to all the Scouts and Adults who helped this worthwhile organization.

Ice Skate, February 22
Wednesday February 22 Chris, Matt, and Will attended the Scout Skating Night at the York City Ice Arena. Scouts from all over the council enjoyed a discounted ice skating session. They were joined by many of their non-scout friends and had a really good time.

Klondike Photos
Klondike Derby, February 10-12
Roadrunners Cody G., Austin, Will, Matt, and Alex, as well as Flaming Arrows Shawn, Chris, Randy, Anthony, and Kevin attended the District Klondike Derby. Both Patrols built their own sleds and competed in 10 events and a very long race against over 20 other patrols. The snow began falling late in the afternoon, and continued well into the night. Everyone had a good time and represented our troop very well.

Scout Sunday, February 5
We had a great turnout at Scout Sunday. Thank you to everyone who participated, and all parents who supported this celebration. We had almost 100% of the scouts there!

Mall Show Photos
Mall Show, February 4
Snapper fishing was a success!! Once again, we were the hit of the Mall show. This was a joint activity with the Troop, crew, and pack and everyone had a great time. Look for it to return for the Shrewsbury Fireman’s Carnival in June.

Tube Photos
Tubing and Camping At Ressica Falls Scout Reservation, January 13-15
We spent a wet weekend camping and tubing in the Pocono Mountains. Attending were Anthony, Chris, Cody T., Kevin, Alex, Austin, Cody G., Mack, Matt W., and Noah, along with Crew members Danielle and Jamie.
In the morning we went to Big Boulder, where we were sliding down the mountain on tubes. It was wet and fast, and everyone had a good time in the single and double tubes. Then the rain got harder, and the smart thing to do was get out. The afternoon was spent floating around an indoor water park on a tube, goofing off, and having a lot of fun.