Updated October 14, 2007
Klondike Derby, Camp Tuckahoe, Dillsburg PA, October 10 - 22, 2006

Both patrols spent Friday evening working on their sleds. Saturday morning, they learned that a 10 foot tall pole does not exit through a 7 foot tall door.
It was a nice day out, but not very “Klondike.” Pulling a heavy sled over grass, dirt, and rocks was quite a task.
All Scouts know hot to set up a tent, so this exercise tested ability to work as a group and communicate. Try setting it up blindfolded, with only 1 (younger) Scout able to see and give directions.
Part of the day included a race between some stations.
In a lifesaving simulation, a Scout is caught on a lake and it is cracking. The ability to get help to him in several different ways was tested.
To test teamwork, scouts had to carry a ball through an obstacle course using only ropes.
Weather changes fast! During the final challenge of the day Scouts had to practice first aid and quickly treat and transport an injured Scout. And it snowed! Two feet that night.