Updated March 20, 2006
Pioneering Weekend, Camp Conawago, March 17-19, 2006

Members of the Flaming Arrow Patrol examine a local visitor. They were instructed in such matters as identification of the turtle's sex, as well as the fact that it was a snapper. They were surprised to find how far a snapping turtle can extend it's neck.
Scouts practice their citizenship skills during a formal flag ceremony.
Before construction on the tower, long stakes had to be split from logs to provide proper support.
Younger Scouts were instructed in the proper care and whipping of rope prior to participating in the project.
Older Scouts and leaders raise the tripod after the initial lashing is verified. The final tower would stand 26 feet tall.
Scout's work on the upper platform as the tower nears completeion. All Scouts were required to be proficient in their bowline and be attached to the tower while working at the higher levels. Younger Scout's were encouraged and advised to assure all lashings were up to standards.
The final supports are now in place and inspected by more experienced Scouts.
Upon completeion, all 11 Scouts display their achievement.
Scout's practice safe climbing using ropes. This Scout was being instructed in basic decent techniques.
The final Scout makes it to the top of the overhang.