Updated May 1, 2006
Blue and Gray District Camperall, Latimore Valley Fairgrounds, April 28 - 30, 2006

Members of the Alien Pyro Patrol use their lashing skills and teamwork to build a travois. A travois is a structure Native Americans used to use to carry a person behind a horse for a long distance.
A Scout races with the Travois upon completeion to demonstrate the quality of the lashings. Poles supplied at the contest were bamboo, and the staff did not believe they would hold up all day if the race involved carrying a scout on the travois.
The Alien Pryos once again use lashing and some engineering and teamwork to build a self standing flagpole. Scores were given for teamwork, quality, speed, and hieght.
The Spam Patrol competes in a canoe race - on land. Scouts had to correctly demonstrate how to carry a canoe both overhead and side-arm in a race against another patrol.
The universally famous Alien Pyros demonstrate their fire building skills in a traditional string burning contest. Or not.
During Troop time, Scouts work on skills required for their advancement, such as coiling and throwing a rope. This skill is part of preparation for First Class as well as Lifesaving Merit Badge.
The Spam Patrol races against time in setting up a tent correctly. This was an older model ridge pole tent that the Scouts did not have much experience with.
Officers from the Pennsylvania State Police worked with interested Scouts on the Fingerprinting Merit Badge. Scouts had to lean the history, usage, types, and process for fingerprinting.
A visiting Webelos Scout froma local pack helps the Spam Patrol prepare dinner. Spaghetti and meatballs, or meatball subs were the menu for the evening.
A wonderful display of Scout Spirit at the Troop campfire as the day ends.