Updated June 1, 2006
Shrewsbury Main Street Service Project, April 30, 2006

The York Weekly Record published an article on this project along with a picture of the Scouts at work. Here is the text from that article:

Article Launched: 05/30/2006 10:26:23 AM EDT
Scouts brighten Shrewsbury
The Village District got a boost from new flowers, benches and hanging baskets.
For the Weekly Record

May 30, 2006 Members of Shrewsbury Boy Scout Troop 205 spent a recent Saturday doing their part to brighten the Village District of town. Eight of the 15 members of the troop gathered with their leader, Larry Wagner, and his wife, Kathy Wagner, to plant flowers in urns that have been placed at a number of businesses in the Village District.

"This will become an annual project for them. The boys will make sure the flowers are planted each spring," Kathy Wagner said.

The troop received a $700 grant from Wal-Mart to buy the plants, she said.

The urns were paid for with a $3,200 grant from Citizens Bank. Some of that money was also used to buy four benches that the Scouts assembled and placed on the four corners of the town square in the Village District, Wagner said.

Newly organized Troop 205 is sponsored by Grace United Methodist Church. Currently, the 15 members of the troop live in Shrewsbury, Glen Rock and Stewartstown, she said.

"We are trying to get the word out that we are here," Wagner said.

Money donated by the troop was used to purchase hanging baskets for the gazebo along North Main Street, she said.

"Not too many people know the gazebo is there, but the idea is for it to be used as a little community park in the center of town," Wagner said.

The Shrewsbury Girl Scout troop will be asked to participate in the fall by putting in seasonal plantings, she said.

Some of the money from Citizens Bank will also be used for other projects, such as to pay for landscapers to trim the trees and bushes along the street and put in mulch, Suzie Ballard, owner of Felix and Caroline's in Shrewsbury, said.

Members of Troop 205 and Crew 205 plant flowers in vines in large urns as part of the effort to beautify Main Street in Shrewsbury PA.
Once planted, flowers are carefully watered and prepared for placement along the new benches and in front of stores.
Moving large urns across the street and into place required care, and lots of strength.
No job is done until clean up is complete. Local merchants got their parking lot swept as a thank you for letting us stage the project on their property.
After a long weekend (most of the Scouts had just got back from the camping trip) a moment of rest on the new benches.
Shrewsbury Borough sent a letter of thanks to the committee which is leading the effort to improve our Main Street. This was passed on to us by that committee.