Updated May 8, 2006
Interpack Field Day, Grace United Methodist Church, May 7, 2006, 2006

Cub Scouts enjoy a game of Ultimate Frisbee with the help of Scouts from Troop 205, Troop 48, and Crew 205. Participating Cubs earned their Ultimate Sports Belt Loop during this activity.
Flag Football was a big hit with the Cubs with the assistance of Leaders from Pack and Scouts from Troop 205. Older siblings and Boy Scouts were used to help round out the teams. Cubs earned their Flag Football Sports Belt Loop during this activity.
Leaders from Pack 90 and Scouts from Troop 90 supervised a variety of activities in an obstacle course. The course was created by the Cub Scouts in Bear Den from Pack 90 during their meetings and at home. Here, some Cubs try their skills at can stilts.
As part of the obstacle course Cubs had to toss objects such as bean bags, golf balls, and footballs of various sizes through and into targets. Here a cub tosses a football through a target, or at the Scout from Troop 90 giving instructions.
Cub Scouts race against each other and Scouts from Troop 48 as part of the obstacle course. The Cubs usually won.
Bocee Ball was a big hit with the Cubs. Cubs and siblings first learned the rules, then played in several games. After a few trial throws, most Scouts could accurately bowl the balls close to the target. Under the leadership of Pack 48 and Scouts from Troops 48 and 90, everyone enjoyed this alternative style of bowling.
Leaders and Scouts from PAck and Troop 28 taught the Cubs several new games, all involving running and listening skills. In a game of Cranes and Crows Cubs were running between several squares based on the flip of a coin.
Food was provided by all participating Packs and Troops, and cooked by adults from Troop 205 and 90, and Scouts from Troop 205.
Cubs continue in hot persuit in the Flag Football game.
The frisbee was wounded in action during an Ultimate game. "A Scout is Prepared" and duck tape fixes anything!