Updated June 4, 2006
Millersville Campout, June 2-4, 2006, 2006

Scouts compete in a game of minature golf. Nature supplied the water traps.
Here we see the S.P.L. showing off his skills in a game of pool. He lost.
Scouts participated in some table tennis to further test their skills.
Air hockey was a fun game - that some take real serious.
Scouts went up against each other in a game of basketball.
One of the key programs for the weekend was to allow Scouts to work on the swimming skills and requirements. Several Scouts passed the BSA swimmer test for the first time.
After proving their swimming skills, the Scouts were allowed to use the facilities which included a large water slide.
Much of the afternoon was spent fishing in the Comawago Creek. This creek has been known as a habitat for very large trout. The reason they get so large is nobody caught them.
The close of the day was a shuffleboard tournament, planned by the TLC. The Spam Patrol took the first round, and the Aliens took the second.
This was a first introduction of the sport to most of the boys, who picked it up very quickly. By the end of the games, most had learned the taticts of blocking and knocking their opponents discs off the board. Some of the Scouts are considering trying Curling next winter.