Updated September 21, 2006
50 Mile Cycle Trip, Gettysburg to New Freedom, September 17, 2006, 2006

Scouts gather at the Visitorís Center in Gettysburg PA to start their 50 mile ride. This was selected as an appropriate site since so much of our cycling this year has been through Civil War battlefields. All bikes had to pass a brief safety inspection before starting the ride..
The ride started along the historic Lincoln Highway leading out of Gettysburg. Along this route were several houses dating back to the Civil War, as well as other historical sites.
From there we continued into York PA, past the York Airport, and the York Fair. All riders were careful to obey the PA laws along the way. They had all received a reminder prior to the ride.
Adults support from the Troop parentís was exceptional, providing cold water and brief snacks every 5 miles into York. The adultís also were on hard for any urgent matters needing tools or first aid via cell phone.
Lunch was served in York at the Colonial Courthouse Ė the site where the Articles of Confederation were signed following the Revolutionary War. Hot dogs were served by adult support staff, and the Scouts relaxed watching canoe and kayak competitions from a local York club.
In York, we were joined by Webelos Scouts from several local packs for the remaining 20 miles of the trip.
Starting the second part of the journey, we picked up the Rail Trail in York and continued South. This was a nice change since there was no automobile traffic, and a quieter country setting most of the way.
Our final stop was the New Freedom Rail Station, which houses a small historic railroad museum.
Most of the boys were relieved to complete the 50 miles, and the last ride for their cycling merit badge. Several had more energy, and one continued his ride an additional several miles to his house in Shrewsbury.
Others were ready to relax.