Updated October 3, 2006
Teamwork Skills Camping, Camp Mack, Lititz PA, September 29 - October 1, 2006

One of the first orders of the day was to raise the American Flag. The pole in the site did not have a rope, so a Scout shimmies up the pole to put a rope through the pulley.
During a training session for the Troop’s elected youth leaders, they were tasked with keeping a beach ball up in the air for a period of time. At first this was done with no talking, then with talking, and then with some rules changed, such as everyone must hit it the same number of times..
Working to establish trust, the leaders had to form a circle where every other Scout leaned in or out. As they practiced they were able to lean way in and way out and trust each other to hold and balance.
Several Webelos Scouts from three local packs joined us for this experience. They were provided some opportunities to learn about knife, saw, axe, and fire safety. They then participated in a “hands on” experience gathering and cutting wood, and building a fire correctly.
As a patrol team building exercise, each Scout tied a rope around their waist using a bowline. The other ends of the ropes were then joined together, and the patrol sent off to gather firewood. After awhile, they all succeeded in improving their communications and teamwork.
Bag lunches were provided for all Scouts, with a catch. Each bag contained 1 item that the patrol needed for lunch, such as bread, meat, cheese. To make lunches, they had to organize and share everything.
Part of the afternoon was spent fishing on the camp pond. Several Scouts caught fish and then released them back into the pond.
The Webelos were interested in learning more with the ropes, so they were instructed by the youth and adult leaders on some basic lashing. Working together with some of the Scouts, they were able to build a simple tree and ladder five feet up from the ground. The Webelos were amazed that something built like this could not only hold all of them, but several others and a few adults too.
The day ended with a patrol challenge designed to make them work and think as a team. Scouts had to find a way to get their entire patrol quickly over a 5 foot rope between two trees.
One patrol had a very fun solution with a few bugs in the idea.