Updated October 22, 2006
Cub Scout Halloween Day/Weekend , Camp Tuckahoe, Dillsburg PA, October 20 - 22, 2006

Troop 205 was given permission to haunt Maple Lodge for the annual haunted trail. Over 500 Cub Scouts and their families showed up for a walk through some haunted campsites and cabins. The Scouts planned the haunting during a few troop meetings, and carried out the project under their youth leadership.
The basis of the mysterious haunted cabin was a maze, which took advantage of the bunks and mattresses to form a pathway in, around, over, and under obstacles and monsters. With flashing lights, strobes, and scary music it was a hit.
The Troop spent most of the morning working on the cabin, but had plenty of time to enjoy other activities. One Scout had just earned his ham radio license, and was helping the troop contact other Scouts in Delaware and California as part of the Jamboree on the Air. This is an annual event where ham operators’ worldwide help Scouts talk to each other over the airwaves. The boys also contacted ham operators in other states, and in Australia.
In the afternoon the troop volunteered to help staff events for the Cub Scouts. One event was a seasonal variation on an old game – Monster Twister.
An old favorite of Halloween is bobbing for apples. Cubs participated in a variation where the apples were hung from sticks. This eliminated the water on a rather chilly day. Members of Crew and Troop 205 staffed this and other events.
One participating troop invented a Halloween bowling game, which 205 happily assisted in operating throughout the day. Cubs bowled for scary theme pins using a basketball in a makeshift lane.
The Scouts were invited to bring scary costumes to haunt the cabin that night. Some forgot them and had to count on their natural looks.
Cubs and families entered the cabin and found various monsters haunting inside. Care was taken to not scare those who were already frightened.
When the day was done, a few members of the troop continued their service to others by dishing out ice cream to all Scouts who had staffed the events of the day.
And like all good evenings camping with the troop, there was time to enjoy a good warm fire, and tell stories before turning in for the night.