Updated July 6, 2006
YMCA Summer Swimming, June 8 & 22, July 5, 2006

Scouts enjoy a game of water volleyball using an inflatable beach ball. Everyone got involved and had a lot of fun.
Several Scouts prepared for the lifesaving merit badge requirement to retrieve a ten pound weight from water at least 8 feet deep. The YMCA has a weight they use for their lifesaving training, and were happy to let the boys borrow it. Scouts spotted each other using the buddy system to assure everyone was always safe.
A Scout can be seen successfully retrieving the weight. Once they had built confidence, the boys made it a contest to see how quickly they could get the weight out of the water.
The boy's continued to work with the weight at each session, preparing for the actual Lifesaving at Camp Tuckahoe. Most felt they could get the badge after these "play" sessions.
Scouts performed a few experiments with balloons in the water. Blow up a balloon and see how the size changes under water. Try to blow it up under water. Try to break it at the bottom of the pool.