BSA Troop 205 Camp Tuckahoe Summer Camp
July 9-15, 2006
Updated July 19, 2006

Waterfront activities are always a hit at camp. Scouts from 205 cooled off from the 100 degree heat in the pool, and played on the lake. Several took the opportunity to improve their swimming or boating skills, earning Merit Badges in Swimming, Lifesaving, and Canoeing. The Camp Staff provided some unique water games that were lots of fun.
Additional pictures from waterfront activities.
Opportunities for physical activity come in many forms. Some Scouts took advantage of the rifle, shotgun, and archery activities at Camp. Several proved their skills and earned the Rifle Merit badge. Two Scouts participated in the Iron Man Challenge – a running, canoeing, and archery race. Others took advantage of the variety of fish in Memory Lake. Everyone participated in some camp wide games.
Additional pictures from physical activities.
Scout skills and crafts always are a lot of fun. Scouts practiced and improved their skills in the use of woods tools, with two earning the Paul Bunyon Award. A few learned new skills with leather, learning to cut, stamp, dye, and sew things such as wallets. Fire building was practiced in the site daily (and many still have a lot to lean here). Several Scouts learned skills necessary for wilderness survival. Three Scouts from Troop 205 were honored by the other Scouts and elected to the Order of the Arrow – the “Honor Society” for the BSA.
Additional pictures from crafts and skills.