Updated January 28, 2007
Cardboard Sled Derby, Ski Roundtop, January 28, 2007

The Hippie Patrol build a classic "Hippie Van" decorated in standard tye-dye with peace symbols. When in the van they could not been seen. The interior featured the usual in carpeting.
The Webelos from Pack 48 built a tank, and competed with their Den Chief from Troop 205, Dustin. The Taz Tank won secong place for the greatest distance, and second place for the most creative.
The TLC created a more traditional bobsled type design, and entered under the name SPAM.
The Alien Pyro Patrol went for a more square "cardbaord" themed design, but proved to be pretty past beeting out the others sleds in their individual run.
The top of the run was rather steep, and depending on how you got pushed off some sleds went spinning down the course. These hippies were later stopped and cleared of all possible driving violations.