Updated February 18, 2007
Klondike Derby, Camp Tuckahoe, February 16 - 18, 2007

Scouts make alterations to the sleds the night before the events. These included replacing worn runners from last year, and adding additional boards to better tie gear down.
Everyone got up bright and early for a nice, hot breakfast before starting out for the day. The cooking caused a lot of smoke in the cabin, forcing some windows to be opened dispite the 20-degree weather.
As cleanup finished, Scouts prepared for the days events by practicing their knots and other skills.
Each sled carried everything the boys would need for the day, including plenty of water for when they got thirsty.
At one event the patrol had to simulate an ice rescue, throwing a rope 5o feet to a target. They had to combine multiple pieces of smaller ropes, and then determine how to get both the distance and accuracy.
Another station simulated a traverse of open water across a single rope. All members of the patrol had to get across as fast as possible.
Usually these events have a station to practice fire building skills. This time they had to use flint and steel or other non-match/lighter methods. After a few failed attempts, the Pryo-Hippie Patrol used a log and a frying pan to place their fire closer to the target string, making due with a smaller fire to accomplish their goal. This earned them special recognition at the awards ceremony for thinking outside the box.
After the contests were finished, there was plenty of time for enjoying the camp and the snow. Scouts used a tarp as a sled, sliding down the hills and having a good time.
After the campfire was the nighttime sled race. The sled was loaded to a set weight, and teh patrol had to travel almost 2 miles in the dark on a race against the clock.
The day ended with a Troop 205 campfire in the cabin, a few new songs and skits, and a lot of laughs.