Updated February 21, 2007
Troop Swim, YMCA, February 21, 2007

All Scouts were required to complete a swim test if they had not passed the swimmer requirements previously. This is part of the troop swim requirements in the Guide to Safe Scouting which all Scouting programs are required to follow.
The swimming requirements have each Scout swim 75 yards any style, and then 25 yards using a backstroke. Scouts who were not confident had a stronger swimmer in the lane next to them, as well as those on deck ready to help.
The final part of the requirements is to float on your back for a minute.
Additionally, Scouts were taught basic water rescue, such as the proper way to reach out to someone who needs help.
Finally, they were taught how to throw a rope and floatation device to the person in need.
Along with the instruction was plenty of time to dive, swim, play water volleyball, and just goof off.