Updated March 18, 2007
Hawk Mountain Scout Reservation, Marcg 16 - 18, 2007

Nature gifted us with almost 2 feet of fresh snow, so who could resist building snow forts? Teams dug in and spent the morning making hundreds of snowballs.
The snowball fight lasted for a few hours, with everyone following the rules for safety. There is no real winner, but it was a lot of fun.
A highlight planned by the TLC was a patrol cook off for diner. Each patrol had to prepare a meal from scratch, with the most points going to the least pre-processed ingredients, and the use of a campfire for the cooking. The Alien Pyro patrol took top honors, but the Hippies had the best desert.
One patrol opted for traditional foil dinners, using chicken, potato, carrots, cabbage, and spices (Old Bay). The other opted for homemade spaghetti and Meat Sauce, with a homemade peach pie for desert.
A traditional campfire was held in the lodge at night, with the boys trying out all new songs and skits.
Saturday planning was done for a Sunday morning hike. Using coordinates for a geocache, Scouts had to plan the best route to the gps location. They considered terrain, and conditions, such as deep snow. It was decided to walk on the roads to the edge of the trail. 2.5 miles later, everyone was already getting tired.
Six continued down the Appalachian Trail for a half mile, and were to find the gps coordinates for our goal. But finding it under the snow proved impossible, so we returned to base camp empty handed.