Updated April 29, 2007
Blue and Gray District Camperall, Latimore Valley Fairgrounds, April 27–30

Each patrol “team” competed against a different patrol from another troop at each event. Ultimate Frisbee is sort of like touch football, but using a Frisbee.
Latimore Valley Fairgrounds is a nesting area for various types of birds. One had made a nest and laid eggs right in the middle of the field, so a snow fence was erected around it to keep it safe.
Rodeo is an American sport, consisting of roping, barrel racing, and other events. In the Scout version, Patrols had to do the barrel race carrying one of their Scouts in the proper first aid carry.
Several Scouts from Troop 205 did over 100 sit-ups as part of the Athletics competition. Monitors were very careful to make sure each one was done correctly to be counted.
A traditional Track and Field event is a standing long jump. A Scout who jumped over 8 feet outdistanced us.
The fairground is the site of the Eastern Museum of Racing Cars, so Scouts were able to visit in the afternoon. One exhibit which was interesting to the more “scientific” Scouts was a solar racing car build by Messiah College and run from Chicago to LA.
Since is it a museum of racing cars, it contained sprint racers, stock cars, as well as NASCAR cars.
Each patrol opted for a variation on foil dinners, using sausage and/or chicken in place of ground beef.
The Camperall had a good campfire following the OA tap out. Congratulations to Mr. Bob, and Dustin for being selected by the troop. After that campfire, Will organized a troop campfire at our site.
Sunday morning, following Chapel Services, Scouts competed in a derby race around the fairground racetrack. One Scout steered each car, while others pushed. Our two patrols each opted for a 3-cylinder engine for their cars.