Updated August 16, 2007
Summer activities, June - August, 2007

Fishing at Lake Redman
On August 16 Scouts Max, Matt, Chris, Kevin, Cody, Brian, Nathaniel and Zack went fishing at Lake Redmond. There were several small bites, a few trees caught, and finally one very nice 26-inch carp.

Kickball at the Shrewsbury Fire Station
On July 26 Scouts Cameron, Dustin, Austin, Max, Lee, Matt, Chris, Kevin, Alex, Nathaniel, Tyler, Mack, Brian, Will, and Eli got together to pack for the trip to New Hampshire. After pack inspection and loading the trailer, everyone had a good time playing kickball, and finding and eating wild blackberries. There were no pictures since all the cameras had been packed. Finally everyone went home for a good nights sleep before leaving for the White Mountains on Friday.

Voleyball in Glen Rock Park
On July 12, Scouts Cameron, Derek, Chris, Mack, Nathaniel, Tyler, and Steven got together with friends and members of Crew 205 for a volleyball game at Glen Rock Park. The sides and rules changed often, including some regulation play, and some . Non-regulations play.

Geocaching in Spring Valley Park
On June 20, Scouts Max, Dustin, Matt, Chris, Brian, and Tyler participated in a geocaching hunt in Spring Valley Park. The Scouts set out to find as many geocaches as they could in 1 hour, and were successful in locating 3 of them. The first was a good hike back into the woods past ferocious wild animals. The second was up another trail, well concealed behind some rocks and logs. The final was in what was a basement from a long ago farmhouse. Everyone had a real good time, and the boys look forward to trying to find the other geocaches in the park someday.

10 Mile Cycling through Spring Valley Park
On June 7 Scouts Cameron, Max, Dustin, Matt, Chris, Kevin, Mack, Eli, Steven, Brian, Nathaniel, Tyler completed 10 miles through Spring Valley park up and down hills on their bikes. It was a very nice ride through the park on both paves and dirt roads. This can be used as one of the 10 mile rides for Scouts who wish to work on the cycling merit badge.
Bike Route