Updated July 1, 2007
Science and Radio Camp, June 24-30, 2007

Scouts in Electronics and Radio first learned about components and circuits. They then build a circuit board, and created their own Morse code radio transmitters.
On a field trip to a museum, Scouts were able to show how “spaced out” they really were. Kevin truly showed how far you could go without a compass or GPS for direction.
As part of Aviation, Scouts spent time looking at, learning about, and using gages inside cockpits of small planes.
Composite Materials Merit Badge is all about how man-made materials are created and used to make everyday things. Scouts got to work with plastics and fiberglass, creating a plastic covering around a styrofoam and aluminum foil plane, and creating their own canoe.
Scouts learned about chemical properties and testing of substances, and how properties can be used to identify an unknown substance.
Camp Ware is fortunate to have a professional woodcarver on their staff. Scouts had an opportunity to try their hands at one of several projects when they were not working on their science projects.
Time was allotted for traditional camp activities, such as rifle shooting, swimming, and having fun.
In electronics sessions, Scouts worked with equipment to measure the different aspects of current. Some reading proved to be abnormal.
Yes, the canoe did float with 2 Scouts in it!