Updated July 15, 2007
Whitewater Rafting, July 14-15, Lehigh River, PA

Saturday after setup, the Scouts joined with others in various games, including a form of kickball/volleyball, softball, and ultimate Frisbee.
Sunday morning after breakfast, everyone loaded their rafts and awaited instruction and training. Food was placed in watertight containers. Instruction included basics like how to sit and paddle, and how to follow directions while on the river.
Leaders from other units paid complements to our Scouts for their willingness to help other rafts. Several times when rafts were lodged on rocks, our boy’s came to the rescue to help them out.
After training, the Scouts showed their stuff maneuvering their raft around all obstacles (okay, most.)
And after a lengthy water battle, everyone had a great time, and we’re all looking forward to trying some rougher water this fall.