Updated July 18, 2007

Swimming Merit Badge, July 10, 17 and 18, 2007
One of the most important lessons in Swimming is various ways to stay safe in an emergency. One such way is drown-proofing – conserving energy floating and coming up for air every so often. Scouts practiced for a 5-minute period. More fun is various diving techniques and safety. Scouts had to demonstrate shallow and deep diving, and dive 10 feet to retrieve a weight from the bottom of the pool. Swimming Merit Badge requires lots of swimming. Scouts practiced different strokes for long distances across the pool
An important part of Swimming is learning to save yourself and others. One method is inflating your clothes and using them as a floatation device. Scouts jump in fully clothed, take off and inflate their shirt and pants to float. Trusting a life preserver is important, so each Scout must put on and adjust one properly, then float in it. Snorkeling is fun, and as part of the badge every Scout learns to put on and use a snorkel and fins correctly, and “clear” it of water.
Lifesaving is for a future topic, but learning how to throw a rope to someone who needs help is a basic skill taught as part of the Swimming Merit Badge.