BSA Troop 205
2007 New Hampshire Adventure
Updated August 10, 2007

Photos from Cannon Mountain
Climbing Cannon Mountain, July 28, Franconia Notch State Park, NH
Cannon Mountain rises over 4,200 feet to extend above the timberline. Scouts hiked 3 miles to the summit of the mountain, broke into groups by ability, and returned to the base by one of 3 routes. Some Scouts chose a hike totaling 6 miles, descending a steep decline to a lake, and then to the parking area. A second group chose to hike the Cannon Balls – three hills adjacent to Cannon, which made an 11-mile hike. A few others took a detour to retrieve some forgotten items (and found a geocache by accident!) for a total of 8 miles. For most of the Scouts, this was their first experience climbing a real mountain, and hiking at and above the timberline. Hike Route
Photos From:
Patrol Activities
Camp Wah-tut-ca, July 29 - August 4, Northwood, NH
Camp Wah-tut-ca is located in Northwood, New Hampshire, and celebrated it’s 70th anniversary this season. Troop 205 selected Wah-tut-ca because it was near the mountains, and offered opportunities for a waterfront program different than those of our local camp. Fifteen Scouts and 3 adults spent a week at the summer camp, participating in all the traditional Scouting activities, as well as the Wah-tut-ca A2 program.
A2 allows older Scouts with good aquatics skills to try new things, like kayaking, water tubing, motor boating, and just having a good time in a large lake. In the A2 program, the Scouts help determine the program each day.
Other older Scouts opted to participate in the Project C.O.P.E. program – a teamwork and high-ropes challenge.

Photos from Mount Washington
Climbing Mount Washington, August 5, White Mountains National Forrest, NH
Mount Washington rises over 6,200 feet to extend above the timberline, and is the highest point in the eastern part of the United States. The weather at the top of the mountain is generally 20 or more degrees cooler than at the base, with 20% or so less oxygen. Washington is noted as having the worst climate in the world, with wends above 100 mph on many occasions, and over 200 mph on some.
Scouts hiked over 4 miles to the summit, ascending along the Cog Railroad on a trail surrounded by many beautiful waterfalls. At the summit, everyone enjoyed lunch, and then a special tour of the National Weather Observatory. Then the long trip down through Tuckerman’s Ravine, descending on a 6-mile trail through very steep terrain, past one of the most breathtaking views ever! Hike Route