Updated September 30, 2007
Wizard Safari, September 28-30, 2007

The Wizard Safari has a “Wild West” theme. Scouts packed everything they needed for the day in a covered wagon, and set off for adventure. Through obstacle courses and tests of skills, they finally come to the town of Tombstone, where they can stop at the saloon for a cold glass of Birch Beer.
Participating were the Order of the Arrow Indian Dance Team, who presented some dances and shows based on Indian lore. Also attending were a group of Native Americans, who did a demonstration of their dancing and skills for the Scouts.
Local fireman and the PA Life Lion were also on hard for the boy’s to learn from. With a local fire department, the Scouts were equipped as fireman, and had to handle a fire hose to put out a fire. This involves more teamwork than you think when the pressure of the hose equals the weight of all the boys combined!
Along with tug of war and other activities for all Scouts, older scouts got a change to try some different activities such as pole climbing. After a quick safety lesson,, they dressed in the correct safety gear and climbed the poles.
Back at the campsite everyone had a good dinner, and prepared for the evening show. With the first draft of the new troop cookbook, we had some different, and better, meals on this outing.
The evening show featured professional Wild West performers keeping with the theme. It was closed with an excellent fireworks display.
Not to be outdone, the boys then built their own fire back at the campsite, and talked and goofed off long into the night.