Updated October 7, 2007
Cub Scout 12 Points Bike Ride, October 6, 2007

Prior to starting the trip, every rider had to have their bike inspected and attend a briefing on bike and trail safety and courtesy. A member of the Southern York County Police who specializes in bike safety worked with each group of Scouts and leaders to make sure everyone had a safe and fun day.
Every mile or so was a stop, where a local community leader such as a Pastor, Priest, Policeman, Fireman, or other local leaders spoke on a point of the Scout law. To demonstrate “A Scout is Trustworthy”, this speaker brought two chairs. Which would you trust? How do you judge who is Trustworthy?
The rail trail provided a nice path for the Scouts, who ranged from first grade up. Where the path crossed the road, a Boy Scout was stationed to make sure everyone got across safely. At each speaker stop, everyone was reminded to drink water, and water was available to refill water bottles for riders.
A Scout is Friendly, as displayed from a Boy Scout from another local troop who volunteered to ride and help.
There were adults and Boy Scouts at the end of the group carrying tools necessary for any bike repair. Many of the Boy Scouts have become quite capable of helping fix bikes after their work on the Cycling Merit Badge.
In Glen Rock lunch was prepared for all riders by adults from Troop 205 and some of the local Troops and Packs. Everyone got plenty to eat and drink before continuing on the trail.
The final stop, “A Scout is Reverent,” and tired. Thanks to all the adults from all the units who organized the event and allowed us to help, and to all the Cub Scouts for making it a great day.
Special recognition goes to this young Scout,
who rode all 13 miles with training wheels.