Updated October 21, 2007
Halloween Weekend at Camp Tuckahoe, October 19-21, 2007

After arrival Friday evening, Scouts had time to work on their own activities. Some Scouts tested flint and steel for fire building.
A lot of time was spent planning the “Haunting of Poplar Lodge.” Any good horror story goes well with popcorn.
A few Scouts took some time to demonstrate skills they needed for rank advancement. A lot of time was spent on various first aid carries.
Saturday was spent helping out at various Cub activities, and building the guts of the haunted cabin. There were tunnels with fog and graffiti, cooking utensils that moved through the air, and a conveyor belt that led to a grinder, where a Scout was turned into hamburger.
There were also Scouts dressed in costumes to help haunt the cabin and the area around it.
Outside was a tripod and a suspended cage, containing another captive Scout for the grinder.
This was all done for the Cub Scouts, several hundred of whom braved the haunted houses at Tuckahoe for a good scare.
After all the haunting, the Troop joined with a guest from the Camp Tuckahoe Staff for a campfire and a few scary stories.