Updated November 7, 2007
DVOA Orienteering, Quail Hill Scout Reservation, Manalapan, NJ, November 4, 2007

Scouts checked in for their registered courses. Chris and Alex had selected a medium difficulty course, while Lee and Matt a harder and longer course.
Scouts had an opportunity to get some very good instruction from the course master. He first asked a few questions to determine what he should cover, and then discussed terrain features, how to interpret clues, and general tips about finding your way in unknown terrain. The boys later commented on how valuable these tips proved to be.
Each team was given a start time when they could turn their map over and see it, and take off. Usually they would run a short distance from the table then look at the map and make plans before starting. The event was timed so the team finding all control markers in the shortest time period would win.
The final control marker for all courses was the same point, and the clock was stopped only when the team was at the finish table.
Those selecting the shorter course had a chance to play around a bit while waiting for the other team.
Two hours and twenty minutes after starting, the team on the long course arrives at their last control.