Updated November 11, 2007
Backpacking, Appalachian Trail, November 9-11, 2007

Friday night was spent at Camp Conawago, in a pouring rain. After a good pot of chili, Scouts occupied themselves playing games, and working on some advancement skills. Rafters make a good pull up bar.
The section of the trail we hiked started in Pen Mar Park in Maryland. This was once an old park with pavilions, amusement rides, and picnic areas, serviced by a trolley from nearby Frederick. We hiked north for about 5 miles, up Mount Dunlop, and across the ridge to the shelters. Scouts carried everything they needed, including water for the weekend. Knowing the weather was turning cold, everyone had plenty of warm clothes. Snacks along the trail were trail mix and granola bars.
We arrived at the shelter with plenty of daylight remaining. Everyone got comfortable, changed any wet clothing, and started a fire to keep warn and enjoy. This was not an easy task given the amount of rainfall (and some snow) the previous night. After several tries, everyone enjoyed the fire.
Dinners consisted of trail food (Spaghetti and Meatballs, Chicken Teriyaki, Swedish Meatballs, or Chili Mac) and hot chocolate, followed by some candy bars and granola bars. Tarps were fastened to the fronts of the shelters to protect in case of wind. Trash was stored high to help eliminate any animal access. Everyone stayed up to the late hour of 7:30 before turning in.

Sunday morning bright and early we had breakfast (hot oatmeal and cocoa, along with pop tarts for energy) and hiked the remaining 2.5 miles to our pickup point. Arriving 2 hours before schedule, Lee, Will, and Kevin completed an addition leg up and back the A.T. to make a total of 10 miles.