BSA Troop 205 2007 Activities
Providing adventure and leadership opportunities
for Boys ages 11-17 in Southern York County
Updated December 22, 2007

Hershey Bears Hockey, Hershey PA, December 22
Max, Lee, Chris, Matt, Kevin, Mike, Travis, and Brian watched as the Hershey Bears defeated the Norfolk Admirals 3 to 1 in hockey. The Scouts enjoyed an evening game with their parents and friends as a close to the 2007 troop program. For some it was their first hockey game ever, and others have been going since they were tiger cubs. Everyone enjoyed the game and activities in Hershey.

Photos from Caroling
Christmas Caroling, Lutheran Home, Shrewsbury PA, December 22
Scouts from several local Cub Scout Packs, Venture Crews, Boy Scout Troops, and Girl Scout Units joined with Troop 205 for Christmas Caroling at the Lutheran Home. Max, Chris, Matt, Will, Kevin, Nathaniel, and Brian were part of 33 who caroled through several of the buildings for the residents. Residents came out and joined in many of there favorite songs. Following the afternoon, cocoa and cookies were served in the parking lot for all carolers.

Photos from Ski Roundtop
Skiing and Snowboarding, Ski Roundtop, Lewsibury PA, December 15
Scouts Cameron, Max, Chris, Matt, Kevin, Mack, and Cody spent a day on the slopes at Ski Roundtop. Each Scout planned his activities based on his ability level. A few Scouts took a lesson, and then enjoyed their day on the slopes. More experienced Scouts explored all the slopes on the mountain, including the Terrain Park with jumps for snowboarders. The boys also experienced the work of the Ski Patrol when Cody dislocated his shoulder in a fall and had to be taken to First Aid, and then the hospital. Everyone did real well, and the boys are all talking about skiing and boarding again. Even Cody!

Photos from the Demolition Derby
Pinewood Demolition Derby, December 13
Cub Scouts have always enjoyed their Pinewood Derby. Our Boy Scouts wanted to have a derby of their own, and decided it should be a Demolition Derby! The boys designed cars on their own, using a pinewood derby kit, and a few other odds and ends decided upon by the TLC. Each car had to carry an egg, and the wining car was the one that could be launched the hardest into a wall and survive. It was a very fun troop meeting, with a variety of well planned methods of protecting the egg: a cage, bumpers designed to absorb the impact, and devices designed to increase drag and slow the car down.

Photos from Hidden Valley S.R.
Hidden Valley Scout Reservation, December 7-9
Scouts Max, Chris, Matt, Kevin, and Alex hosted a fun and skills weekend for local Webelos at Hidden Valley Scout Reservation. Joining Troop 205 were Webelos II Alex and Sam from Pack 90, and Webelos I Mike, Ethan, Nick, Matt from Pack 205. The weekend included hands on activities and instruction in pocketknife safety, saw usage, fire building, cooking, and scout skills for everyone. For the second year Webelos, instruction also included basic totin’ chit skills they will need when they join the troop this winter. There was plenty of time for fun and games, sledding, and building a twenty foot tower using knots and lashings.

Photos from Backpacking
Backpacking November 9-11, Appalachian Trail
Lee, Chris, Matt, Will, Kevin, and Travis participated in a weekend of backpacking along the Appalachian Trail. Scouts spent Friday night in base camp at Camp Conawago, and departed early Saturday to begin their hike. Saturday saw the Scouts hiking North from Pen Mar Park in Maryland, to the Deer Lick Shelters along the trail. Enjoying the night in the shelters was made possible by a nice campfire, and proper preparations against the below freezing temperatures! Along the hike was evidence of bears, as well as snow. Saturday the group quickly completed their hike into Old Forge Picnic Grounds in the Michaux State Forrest. Lee, Will, and Kevin completed an additional 2.5 miles by hiking round trip further up the Appalachian Trail, making for a total of 10 miles. Hike Route

Photos from DVOA Orienteering
DVOA Orienteering Competition November 4, Quail Hill Scout Reservation, Manalapan, NJ
Sunday November 4, Lee, Chris, Matt, and Alex participated in an orienteering meet sponsored by the Delaware Valley Orienteering Association. Chris and Alex competed in an intermediate course, and Lee and Matt in an advance course. Instruction was offered in basic techniques and terms prior to the event. Both teams completed their course well under the allotted time, with all control markers correct. The adults volunteered to work and helped staff the finish line recording times. Everyone had a good time and learned a lot, and the boys are looking forward to future opportunities to try this sport.

Photos from Halloween Weekend
Halloween Weekend at Camp Tuckahoe, October 19-21 and October 27
Scouts Cameron, Max, Zac, Chris, Matt, Mack, Kevin, Mike, Alex B., and Nathaniel along with Webelos Scout Alex R. had a wonderful weekend haunting Poplar Lodge at Camp Tuckahoe as part of the Cub Scout Halloween Day activities. The boy’s spent weeks planning the scenes in and around the cabin, including building a tripod to suspend a scout in a cage, making a large processing machine, that goes wrong and turns Scouts into burgers, and making cooking utensils fly around the room. Adding some special lighting, sound, and fog made for the scariest haunted cabin at camp.
During the day, Scouts helped out at other activities, such as the archery and bb ranges, apple contests, and other games and crafts.
For the evening, we were joined by Tuckahoe Senior Staff member Dave for some good old-fashioned stories around a campfire.
The following weekend Cameron, Max, Chris, Matt, Kevin, Alex B., Steven, and guest Travis returned to once again haunt Poplar, and help with the second Halloween Day at Tuckahoe.

Photos from Cub Bike Ride
Cub Scout 12 Points Bike Ride, October 6
Chris had the opportunity for organizing all the Boy Scout help for the Cub Scout 12 Points Bike Ride on October 6. Scouts Cameron, Max, Zac, Matt, Kevin, Mack, and Steven from Troop 205 were joined by Scouts from several other troops to provide leadership and support during the ride. Adult leaders from 205 organized the food and logistics of the event. The ride started in Freeland MD, and continued for 13 miles into PA via the rail trail. Over 50 Cub Scouts and leaders rode the trail and stopped at twelve stations to learn more about each point of the Boy Scout Law. Community leaders from Churches, Police, Fire Departments, and Businesses each discussed a point with the boys and their parents. Lunch was served in Glen Rock, and everyone had a fun and safe day. Bike Route

Photos from Wizard Safari
Wizard Safari, September 28-30
Scouts Max, Zac, Lee, Chris, Matt, Will, Kevin, Steven, and Brian participated in the 2007 Wizard Safari at Wizard Ranch. Over 2500 Scouts from two councils joined in for a weekend of activities and fun. Groups representing ham radio, PA Life Lion emergency rescue, fire departments, canoeing, kayaking and climbing organizations, Native Americans, Veterans, railroad, and others joined in to give everyone a hands on weekend full of adventure. The next Wizard Safari will not be until 2012.

Photos from Whitewater
Whitewater Rafting, September 14-16
Scouts Chris, Matt, Will, and Zac braved cold temperatures and class 3 rapids on the fall whitewater trip. The water was so rough that several times they were tossed out of the boats into the water. Accompanying there were Crew Members Jess, Jamie and Emi, and adults Kathy, Bob, Mickey, Marti, and John. Some of them say they are ready for class 4 next year!
York Fair, September 11
Scouts Lee, Matt, Chris, Kevin, Steven, Brian participated in the annual scavenger hunt, and then took in the sights of the York Fair. Included this year were the Rutter’s baby cow, and a baby bison.

Photos from New Hampshire
New Hampshire Adventure, July 27 – August 6
Scouts Cameron, Derek, Max, Dustin, Austin, Matt, Chris, Lee, Kevin, Will, Mack, Alex, Tyler, Eli, and Nathaniel spent 11 days on an adventure in New Hampshire with Crew 205 Members Jess and Jamie. Activities included climbing two mountains, a week at a Scout camp participating in traditional activities, as well as opportunities to try new things such as Project C.O.P.E. and A2 (advanced aquatics). The Scouts, Patrols, and the Troop earned many awards, but more important were the opportunities they took to try new things.

Photos from Rafting
Whitewater Rafting, July 14-15, Lehigh River, PA
Scouts Cameron, Derek, Dustin, Matt, Chris, Will, and Kevin participated with the members of Crew 205 and Troops and Crews from several states in the Whitewater Rally sponsored by Whitewater Rafting Adventures. They spent the day learning about whitewater rafting, and paddling along the Lehigh River through parts of central PA. The whitewater was only class I-II this time of year, but provided practice for the planned trip this fall along class III-IV rapids. Highlights of the trip included everyone from all units getting wet in a massive water battle!

Swimming Merit Badge Photos
Swimming Merit Badge, July 2007
Scouts Derek, Max, Will, Steven, Brian, and Tyler are working with a Swimming Merit Badge counselor in small groups to complete their badge. This badge is required before the Scouts can participate in some other activities at Scout Camp later this summer.

Pioneering Merit Badge Photos
Pioneering Merit Badge, July 2, 9, 16, and 23
Scouts Cameron, Derek, Matt, Chris, Lee, Tyler, Max, Steven, and Guest David started work on their Pioneering Merit Badge. They will have to demonstrate their skills in knots and lashings, physics and engineering, and some first aid leading up to building a final project using ropes and poles (made from trees).

Photos from Camp Ware
Science and Radio Camp, Camp Ware, June 24-30
Scouts Matt, Chris, Kevin, Alex, and Steven attend a week long Science and Radio Camp for Scouts at Camp Ware in Peach Bottom, PA. Chris, Kevin, and Alex were engaged in such activities as chemistry, composite materials, computers, crime prevention, fingerprinting, and aviation. They were involved in such tasks as investigating properties of different compounds, building model planes, and working with fiberglass and plastics to build a model plane and canoe. Matt and Steven worked with ham radios and electronics, building their own circuit board and small radio, and working toward their ham licenses. The program included a trip to a museum and airport, as well as some time to enjoy traditional Scouting activities. Everyone had a good time, and are talking about doing this again sometime in the future.

Photos from Summer Activities
Summer Activities, June - August 2007
In place of regular summer meeting, the TLC has planned six summer activities for the troop. These will include bike rides, geocaching, and sports activities with other local Scouts.

Photos from Gettysburg
Orienteering Campout, Gettysburg Battlefield National Monument, June 1-3
Scouts Cameron, Chris, Kevin, Alex, Lee, Steven, Matt, and Mack joined with Webelos Alex, Sam, Thomas, Travis, Patrick, Lance, Trevor, and Greg, Cub Scout Merle, and guest Travis for a weekend of orienteering and camping at the Gettysburg national Battlefield. We were fortunate to be allowed to camp on the battlefield at McMillan’s Woods, where we could begin our orienteering course across the battlefields and to the monuments. Training was first done using a GPS to determine direction and distance to our target. After training the Scouts and Webelos located a cache in a local park, about a mile from the campsite. For the afternoon, each patrol had to locate 4 destinations through a 6-mile course in the National park. There were several groups of soldiers engaged in reenactments throughout the weekend, and everyone left with a better understanding of the Civil War and the lives of our Soldiers. All Patrols successfully ended at Devil’s Den in the time allowed, successfully completing the orienteering course.

Photos from Canoeing
Canoeing Weekend, Broad Creek Scout Reservation, May 11-13
Twenty Scouts, adults, and crew members spent a weekend at Broad Creek Scout Reservation canoeing and having fun. Preparation for the weekend involved learning the BSA Safety Afloat. This was again reviewed at Camp, and instruction was given in handling a canoe. All 10 canoes then practiced on the lake before starting up the creek. The water level was low causing a need to portage at times, but the weather was warm, and everyone enjoyed the chance to cool off in the creek. Animal sightings included turtles, raccoon and deer tracks, and two Bald Eagles. The trip back down was faster, with a few boats taking on water when they were not steered properly through mild rapids. Everyone had fun on this first canoe trip, and the TLC is planning a weekend overnight trip next year.

Photos from Orienteering
Orienteering Meet, French Creek State Park PA, May 5
Max, Matt, Chris, Kevin, Alex, and Brian successfully competed at the French Creek Orienteering Meet on May 5. The team had a lot of fun and successfully completed the morning courses. In the afternoon event, Max and Kevin have been recognized for their successful dis-orienteering.

Photos from the Camperall
Blue and Gray District Camperall, Latimore Valley Fairgrounds, April 27 – 30
Troop 205 had one of the largest contingents at this year’s Camporee, with 16 Scouts attending in two patrols. European Swallows Austin, Matt, Lee, Will, Steven, Tyler, and Nathaniel were joined by Troop Quartermaster Max, and Hippies Dustin, Chris, Kevin, Mack, Alex, Brian, and Eli were joined by SPL Cameron. The theme was sports, and Scouts competed in various games such as European Handball, Wiffle ball, Ultimate Frisbee, Rodeo, Track and Field, Team Tennis, Soccer, and Flag football, just to name a few. Congratulations to the Hippies, who earned top honors among all the patrols for points in events, and more importantly, good sportsmanship. Sunday concluded with a Scout Racer Derby around the Latimore Valley Fairgrounds racetrack.

Photos from Climbing
Climbing at Earth Treks, March 24, 2007
Scouts Cody G., Austin, Matt, Chris, Kevin, and Lee spent a day climbing at Earth Treks in Timonium Md. These Scouts started with two evenings of safety training, and as a result Austin and Lee were able to complete their belay certification. We started with some instruction on safety, technique, and how climbs are rated, and then enjoyed climbing all morning. After lunch, the boys tried their hands at bouldering and traversing. For these activities you don’t go as high, but you don’t use ropes. More climbing with ropes on the higher courses followed. Towards the end of the day Cody G. and the adults lent belay support to a few smaller boys (age 6) and their dads. Everyone had lots of fun, and the boys are planning for a return trip soon.

Photos from Hawk Mountain
Hawk Mountain Scout Reservation, March 17-18, 2007
Friday night saw highway closures due to a late season ice and snow storm, but on Saturday March 17 Scouts Cody G., Max, Austin, Chris, Matt, Lee, Kevin, Alex, Brain, and Webelos Scout Nathaniel set out to hawk Mountain Scout Reservation for a weekend of fun in the snow! The morning was spent strategically placing snow forts in the two feet of fresh snow, making snowballs, and then having an all out war. This was followed by a dinner cook off, won by the Alien Pyro Patrol, and a troop campfire. Oh yea, after some nighttime snowball fighting. Saturday Scouts learned how to use a map, compass, and GPS together to best determine a route to a given location. Sunday, we all headed out for a six-mile round trip hike to find a geocache, on the Appalachian Trail. A route was chosen to use roads for most of the trip, leaving about 1 mile to travel on the trail, through several feet of snow. The snow proved to deep for some Scouts, who returned to the cabin before starting down the trail, and eventually prevented us from finding the cache when we arrived at the given coordinates.

Photos from Pawsabilities
Community Service, March 10, 11, 2007
Cody, Max, Dustin, Matt, Chris, Kevin, Lee, Steven, Mack, Brian, Tyler were joined by adults and family members to help out at Pawsabilities on March 10 and 11. This event is a fundraiser for the Susquehanna Service Dogs to raise money for training new dogs to service those with handicaps. The event draws over 4,000 people and their dogs for two days of fun and games. Scouts from the troop were responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the facilities, and supplying drinking water for dogs both days.

Photos from Climbing Training
Climbing Training, February 27, and March 13, 2007
Troop and Crew 205 are preparing for an indoor climbing adventure at Earth Treks in March. In preparation, Scouts must attend training sessions covering safety while climbing, and safety while belaying other Scouts. This activity is limited to Scouts age 13 and older.
The first training session was held on February 27 for any Scout who did not participate last year. This session covered climbing safety, knots, and harnesses. Scouts Austin, Matt, Chris, and Kevin learned all about how friction keeps them safe.
The Second session was required of all participants. After a review of safety, Scouts focused on the proper commands for climbing. Scouts 14 and older were prepared to take the belaying test, learning proper safety and techniques.
The actual event is March 24.

Photos from First Aid Training
First Aid Merit Badge, February 25, March 4, 11, 18, 2007
Six Scouts from Troop 205 have begun work on their First Aid Merit Badge. They will meet for several sessions for hands on experience and practice, with the goal of being confident that they could assist someone in need of care.

Y.A.A.C Ice Skate, February 28, 2007
Scouts Matt W. and Chris got to show off their skills ice skating at the annual Scout Skate hosted by the York City Ice Arena. Scouts from several troops, crews, and packs enjoyed fun and games while learning to ice skate. The more experienced skaters helped the cubs and scouts who had never tried it before, and everyone had lots of fun.

Photos from the Troop Swim
Troop Swim, February 21, 2007
Eight Scouts participated in a swim night hosted by the local YMCA. Lead by Dustin and Matt, who completed lifesaving last summer, Scouts were able to work on their second and first class rank advancement swimming requirements, and have some fun.

Photos from the Klondike Derby
Klondike Derby, February 16-18, 2007
Scouts Max, Austin, Matt, Chris, Kevin, Mack, and Steven joined forces to compete in the 2007 Klondike Derby as the Pyro-Hippie Patrol. They competed in 12 events testing teamwork and skills in winter situations from ice rescue, to cooking and fire building, to a sled obstacle course. The event, held at Tuckahoe, brought 44 patrols of almost 400 Scouts together for some winter fun.
SPL Cody G. joined the event staff with the troop adults to help run the ice rescue station. They had to measure 396 attempts to accurately throw a rope to a target 50 feet away, and determine the best team.
The evening ended with a sled race in the dark, pulling a 50-pound sled almost 2 miles through the unplowed roads of Tuckahoe.

Photos from the Derby
Cardboard Sled Derby, January 28, 2007
On January 28 Hippies Cody T., Chris, Kevin, and Mack, Alien Pyros Austin, Matt, Steven, and Brian, and TLC members Cody G., Derek, and Max all competed in the Cardboard Sled Derby at Ski Roundtop. Joining them were Webelos Scouts from Pack 48 Tyler, Nathaniel, Alex, and their Den Chief Dustin. The Scouts constructed their sleds from cardboard and tape, decorated them, and waxed the bottoms for speed. They then went to the snow tubing slopes at Roundtop and competed against over 60 other entries. Every teams sled ran successfully, finishing the slope with all members and still in one piece. Congratulations to the Webelos for their second place finishes in both distance and creativity.

Photos from the Poconos
Tubing in the Poconos, January 12-14, 2007
Scouts Austin , Dustin , Alex , Brian, Steven, Mack, Chris, Will, Cody T., Matt W., And Webelos Nathaniel and Tyler spent the weekend of January 12-14 tubing in the Poconos, We stayed at Ressica Falls Scout Reservation, in a very comfortable cabin. Saturday started off with snow tubing at Camelback Mountain. For three hours the boys and leaders slid down the hills on individual and group tubes. A few Scouts somehow managed to flip their tubes part way down the run, and a few adults managed to loose their hats. After lunch, we went water tubing and swimming at the Outdoor World indoor Water Park nearby. Everyone had a good time on the tubes and slides, and just swimming around. Steven learned about Dutch Oven cooking, and made an excellent pot of chili for dinner. Afterwards, as part of the Communications Merit Badge, Dustin planned and executed a well-done and spirited campfire with the help of all the boys. The weekend ended with the spotting of some unusual wildlife, a coyote. The camp rangers confirmed that there are numerous coyote in the area and campers here have seen them before. It was a fun trip, the weather cooperated nicely.