Updated March 9, 2008
Pawsabilities, Farm Show Complex, Harrisburg PA, March 8-9, 2008

Scouts from Troop 205 were assigned to assist in various dog games this year. One game was called “Clean Plate”, where the dog was given different foods, and the one that ate anything placed on their plate won. They started with treats, and ended with apples. Most dogs don’t like apples. Another game was the opposite of this, called “Leave It”, where the dog who did not eat until told won. Warning – this does not work with Scouts!
Two more games are “Musical Hoops” and “Sit and Stay.” (Scouts do not do well at this either!) Musical Hoops is like musical chairs, but when the music stops the dog sits in a hoop. For “Sit and Stay”, the dog sits regardless of distraction from the Scouts.
The dogs proved they could handle anything from the Scouts, and made everyone proud of their behavior all day long. (Both the Scouts and the dogs)
In addition to games for dogs and owners, different groups come in to demonstrate what they do with their dogs. These include:
   Dock Dogs, who jump off docks at fetch
   Dog Scouts (yes, there is an organization called Dog Scouts) who hike and camp and earn badges with their dogs
   FlyBall which is a game played with dogs racing to catch balls thrown out of a box when they step on the trigger.
   Traditional Agility and Show events