Updated March 28, 2008
Climbing Training, March 25, 2008

The second session of training focused on preparing the older Scouts for the belay test. The belayer is the person standing at the foot of the wall working the rope and insuring the climber is safe if they fall. They must know the correct way to stage and use the equipment, proper commands, and proper technique to assure the rope is never able to slip. Practice is done by running the rope up a retaining wall and down again, and simulating a climber. Each new belayer gets one shot to pass the test, and must do it correctly or try again next time. Everyone is ready, and Saturday is the climbing date!

Climbing Training, March 11, 2008

The first thing all Scouts must learn before they climb is safety. After reviewing the basic rules of safety, Scouts are taught the correct way to wear a climbing harness. Each Scout must put the harness on correctly, make all proper adjustments, and assure that each buckle is doubled back properly. Then they practice a basic set of climbing knots needed to keep them safe. Experienced climbing instructors who have completed the BSA climbing safety training work with Scouts to master the doubled figure 8 knot, and tie a proper fisherman’s knot as a back up. Each Scout must be able to tie the knots properly, as well as inspect the knots of their climbing partners. By the end of the night they understand the importance of friction in keeping them safe.