Updated March 16, 2008
Camp Bashore, March 14-16, 2008

Friday night after arrival was spent doing the usual chores, and relaxing. Cooking, cleaning and other setup duties were done according to each patrol’s duty roster. Some Scouts discussed music, some played games such as bowling.
Saturday morning was spent playing games such as basketball or baseball. Everyone got into the fun and enjoyed the good weather. In between games Scouts like to whittle – although most just scrape bark off of sticks, or make them come to a point.
A few Scouts wanted to work on advancement, including physical fitness requirements. Push-ups, sit-ups, long jumps, and quarter mile runs were counted and timed for those needing that requirement. A GPS was used to measure a course totaling .25 miles.

And then there was the hot sauce. Some of the adults like to try different hot sauces. The warned the older Scouts that these were hot. Maybe next time the boys will believe what their leaders tell them?
After lunch was geocaching. The first cache was pretty easy, located over the hill from a baseball field in town. The second attempt was never found. The third was a virtual cache. This is coordinates to same landmark that is out of the way but interesting. We followed the Swatara Creek downstream from Jonestown to an area by a long ago abandoned railroad bridge. All around that area is the only exposed volcanic rocks in the state of PA. Pretty cool.
Saturday night the games continue with an outside campfire and a game of jailbreak. This went on for a long while, until the boys were ready for a snack and some more indoor games.