Updated March 28, 2008
Eagle Scout Court of Honor for Matthew D., March 27, 2008

Matthew D. became the first Eagle Scout of Troop 205 on March 27, 2008. Matt is an original charter member for the troop, and served as our first SPL. Thanks to his leadership, Troop 205 has developed a strong tradition of youth leadership. Scouts from the troop along with Scouting Coordinator Max, Committee Chairman Ann, and Scoutmaster Larry were proud to call this court of honor for Matt.
Several Scouts from Troop 205 who were charter members along with Matt introduced him, and discussed the long road from Scout to Life, and then on to Eagle. Scouting Coordinator Max then presented Matthew with his Eagle Scout award, who recognized his parents role by presenting them eagle pins.
Committee Chairman Ann read the congratulations letter from the National Office, and presented Matt with his certificate as an Eagle Scout.
Scoutmaster Larry asked all attending Eagle Scouts to join in re-affirming the Eagle Scout Oath, and delivered the Eagle Charge to Matthew.

Once again, congratulations to Matthew on a job well done, and setting the bar high for our future youth leaders.