Updated March 30, 2008
Climbing at Earth Treks, Timonium MD, March 29, 2008

Scouts Travis, Kevin, Chris, and Max all successfully passed their belay test, showing they had mastered the skills taught in the two pre-climbing sessions. This helped a lot because it gave us a total of 8 certified belayers out of the 13 climbers attending, meaning that everyone got to climb a lot this day and did not have to wait.
Initially we started off with some instruction on climbing techniques, and challenged the scouts to stay on a marked course. Courses are marked by difficulty 5.3 to 5.11, with anything over 5.7 real, real tough. All of our climbers did very well and mastered the easier courses. Some who have done this for many years challenged themselves to try the really hard courses.
Earth Treks also has traverse and bouldering courses, and some climbs with overhangs. Later in the day Scouts tried their hands at bouldering climbing along simulated boulders without a rope and belayer, but with some very good mats to catch you if you slip. Others tried a traverse route one not far above the ground but done parallel to the ground for a long distance. A few who are beginning to get good at this tried the overhangs and harder courses. Congratulations to everyone, most notably those who was nervous of heights and kept working all day to start to overcome that fear. Good job boys!