Updated March 30, 2008
Conservation Project, March 30, 2008

The Boy Scout project was to begin work on water flow down the hill. Logs were cut, dug, and pegged into the hill in such a way to divert the water flow from the house lot into the nearby creeks. Adults Al, Steve, Donald, Mike W., and Mike R from the Troop and Pack provided the skill with chainsaws and the scouts did the rest. This was phase 1, with a second set of erosion bars still needed at a later date.
Webelos Scouts from PAck 205 need to work on a conservation project for their awards, so they joined in with Troop 205 to work on erosion control for a local substitute teacher. His house is located next to Spring Valley Park, on a very large hill, and has some serious soil erosion problems.

Webelos Scouts Ethan, Nick, and Mike from Pack 205 were accompanied by Bear Scout Merle from Pack 152 to help solve some erosion on the hillside. There task was to plant large amounts of pachysandra along the hill, which they first dug up from a garden around the house. The ground covering plant grows quickly and has a good root structure to hold back the soil.