Updated April 21, 2008
European Swallows Patrol Campout, Potter County PA, April 18-20, 2008

The newest members of the Patrol took part in a proper flag ceremony first thing in the morning. They had learned how to do this in Webelos, and didnít need much help. The cannon was left on the property from the previous owners.
A few of the Scouts gathered wood for a campfire. Younger Scouts were trained in proper axe and saw use at a previous campout, and received a refresher.
Everyone went on a hike, and had to cross a cable bridge over the creek. The planks were not evenly placed and were not straight, making it hard to cross.
Fresh water was available from a spring.
The Scouts cooked for everyone. Breakfast was pancakes and banana, lunch was grilled ham and cheese and tomato soup, and dinner was chicken fajitas and peach cobbler.
The stream was pretty long. Upstream some Scouts went fishing, but didnít catch any. Downstream there was some rougher water you would ride down for a few hundred feet on tubes. The water was extremely cold, but everyone had a lot of fun. When the tubing was done everyone skipped stones, some getting up to 9 skips from a stone.