Updated May 18, 2008
MASOC Orienteering Weekend, French Creek State Park PA, May 2-4, 2008
Arriving late Friday night, camp was set up in the group camping area with lots of other troops. Both patrols enjoyed some popcorn as a snack, and goofed off until time for bed. Saturday morning, everyone was up bright and early for breakfast. Even with the weather a bit cool, the Scouts all know they have to stay hydrated, and were prepared with bottles for water.
Each team of 2-3 scouts were assigned an ability level (1 for beginners, 4 for experts) and a start time. With 200 participants, start times were spaced at 1 minute intervals.
One of our Scouts was hoping to compete, but when he saw the terrain decided it would be best not to do so today. He spent the day learning and cheering his fellow Scouts on, and is well prepared for the next time.
For the morning event, each team of Scouts are given a map with “control points” marked on the map. They have to find all their control points and punch a card at each point to show they were there. Best time for a given course wins.
The afternoon event is a team event. The Senior Patrol Leader is given a map showing the location of 60 flags. Each has a point value based on distance from start and difficulty to find. He is allowed 30 minutes to assign each of his two man teams to find certain makers, and they must all return within 60 minutes. Each team copies their markers onto their maps, and when the signal is given, they all (all 1000 of them) go!
Congratulations to Zac and Sam, who finished 8th out of 70 teams on the level 1 course.
Congratulations to Chris and Mack, who finished 8th out of 50 teams on the level 2 course.
A lot of fun in attending Camporees or large group Scout events like this one is having fun with Scouts from other Troops. The evening was spent playing ball, ultimate Frisbee, capture the flag, and other games with neighboring Scouts from Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, and New York. Several troops got together for a campfire, and shared extra chicken, smores, and other foods with each other.
UPDATE MAY 15, 2009
The results of the “Overall” Troop competition have now been announced. Troop 205 just received a trophy in the mail for
Second Place Troop!
Congratulations Scouts!