Updated May 18, 2008
Fishing at Lake Redmond, June 19 2008
The boys headed to the Lake Thursday evening to catch their limit of whatever the Lake would offer. Steven brought his friend Chris who was sporting a pretty awesome Mohawk hair cut. Caleb brought along his friend, another Chris, who came prepared with water sandals which came in handy about 15 minutes after getting to the fishing spot. Caleb also brought along a spiffy pair of boots that came up to about his knees, to bad the water he was in was about waist deep, turning the boots into handy water pitchers. We saw plenty of minnows close to the shore and an occasional larger fish that would jump out of the water nearby to see the ruckus that was being made by the young fishermen. The fish stayed out of harms way throughout the night, not even drawn in by the tempting meal of a marshmallow or two, luckily the boys could take care of the unused puffed sugar treats, and the fish are safe to swim another day.