Updated July 4, 2008
Harrisburg Senator's Baseball Campout, June 3-4 2008
Scouts Matt, Nick, and Sam enjoyed the game from high up in the bleachers. Several fall balls went right over their heads and out of the side of the park. One landed further over in another group of Scouts.
The Seantorís played well, beating their opponent 6 to 4. Included in the score was a grand slam way out of the park!

Following the game was an excellent firework show celebrating the Fourth of July.
Scouts camping out from several Councils brought their gear into the outfield and set up camp, just before it started to rain. It railed all night long, from a fine mist to pretty strong downpours, but this did not stop anyone from having fun.
When everything was set up, members of Troop, Crew, and Pack 205 joined with some other Scouts in some football and catch.
Behind the stadium was a giant inflatable slide, which the scouts were able to enjoy.
Activities continued until lights out at midnight. Everyone had fun meeting and playing with Scouts from all over the area.