Updated July 12, 2008
Summer Camp at Bashore Scout Reservation, July 6-11 2008
A popular pastime at summer camp is whittling. When Scouts get a few minutes to relax, they pick up some wood and start to carve – usually something pointy. Those that really get into it start working on the woodcarving merit badge.
Another popular pastime is shooting rifles. Scouts practice accuracy with .22 rifles at targets, and some of them are getting really good after a few summers. Those that want can put the extra work into the rifle merit badge.
A required badge for Scouts is First Aid. They learn and practice skills necessary for helping those who are injured or ill, ranging from cuts to breaks to CPR.
A popular badge is Space Exploration, which covers a lot of science, but is also fun. For one activity Scouts must build and launch a model rocket to demonstrate what they learn about force and propulsion. Then again, maybe they just like to see thinks blow up.
With temperatures and humidity high, waterfront activities are always a big attraction. Bashore has a nice swimming pool and a small lake for boating. Scouts can choose from rowboats to canoes to kayaks to sailboats for recreational or instructional activities.
Several of the boys worked on the sailing merit badge. As part of the instruction, they have to learn all about the boat and rigging, and then how to handle it in all situations. They practice getting into and out of the boat in normal and capsized situations. Also, they learn to duck when the boom is coming around, or what happens if you don’t.
Special congratulations to Kevin for completing the mile swim in the fastest time in camp! Before participating in the actual mile swim, scouts must work each day demonstrating their ability and endurance in swimming an increasing distance. During the mile, an adult or senior scout is required to be in a boat alongside the swimmer for safety.
Evenings are involved with special activities and various camp-wide games. These are designed to be fun, use some skills, and involve teamwork. They range from chariot races to first aid carries, and from Frisbee golf to other sports and skills games. An unusual twist on knot tying was done at the pool area. Scouts were given a running “soaking” hose – one used to soak the ground in a garden through small holes all along the hose. The scouts had to run this in one sleeve of their shirt and out the other. Now connected together and getting soaked with really cold water, they each had to tie a different knot in a rope as part of a relay.
Three programs that attracted the boys to select Bashore for 2008 were the climbing, horsemanship, and archery programs.

Photos from Climbing

Photos from the Horsemanship

Photos from the Archery