Updated July 12, 2008
Horsemanship at Bashore Scout Reservation, July 6-11 2008
Starting out, scouts had to learn all about the horses. They had to study and learn the 15 parts of a horse, differences between breeds, all the different parts of types of saddles and bridles, their proper usage, and care. The boys spent many hours reading and studying in addition to their time at the stables. Participants also had to learn about grooming, and assist in proper grooming and hoof care of their horses.
Safety was covered in detail, for riding and for properly putting the saddle and bridles on the horses correctly. Then after doing some basics, the fun began.
Scouts mounted their horses, and were instructed, and eventually were able to
           Walk the horse in a straight line
           Make a half circle
           Trot or jog in a straight line
           Make a half circle at a jog or trot.
           Halt straight.
           Back up straight
           Dismount properly