The section of the Ohiopyle River selected for this trip was a set of class III-IV rapids. This classification indicates the river is very turbulent and has a large number of rocks. There was plenty of white water!
The start of the day was very foggy, which made for a very scenic river. As the day drew on, it got a lot warmer, and the fog lifted.
Everyone was feeling very confident to begin with. Many had completed class II-III rapids last year, and this couldn’t be much more of a challenge ……
Everyone got a few minutes to practice as a team, and then it hit. Lots of white water, rocks, and un-planned swimming.
It was very difficult and hard and fun. When the rafts came to a sign warning them to portage around a very dangerous section of the river, the group who had difficulty earlier understood and carried their raft and gear up the hill and down the other side. The other raft followed the guide and braved the “ROCK.” One Scout did it without the raft! (Not planned)
Lunch was along the river, next to a feeder stream with some very pretty waterfalls. The local wildlife included several deer, which were used to people, and came very close.
After lunch, everyone changed jobs for a while to give others a chance to steer the wrong way and take the blame.

Scouts are already talking about planning for the next trip in 2009.