Updated September 28, 2008
Indian Steps District Camporee, Camp Tuckahoe, September 26-28, 2008
The Theme of the Fall Camporee was “A Scout is Hungry!” Activities were located throughout the camp, mostly dealing with cooking and food, but focusing on working together as a patrol. One activity requiring patrol organization is Kims Game – where Scouts have a few seconds to look at a variety of objects and remember them. This works best if everyone picks an area to focus on.
One goal was to expose Scouts to different ways to cook, such as using equipment designed for campfire pie making (using bread and fruit filling) over a burner to make quick and creative snacks and sandwiches. Various scouts tried traditional grilled ham and cheese, pizza sandwiches, peanut butter and banana, and even peanut butter cup and marshmallow.
A favorite activity was “Make your own Barbecue Sauce.” Scouts started with ketchup, heated and added such ingredients as molasses, Worchester sauce, brown sugar, and spices to create their own private label sauce. Some scouts brought their own special ingrediants - habanero sauce - to spice it up. Ours was so good the leaders borrowed some for their lunch!
A difficult task was one Scouts are familiar with – planning a menu for a group of 8 on a tight budget. Using the guidelines given, and grocery store ads, the boys set a creative menu for a dinner for $4 per person, including foods from all food groups.
The late afternoon was spend preparing for a massive cooking competition. The troop prepared a Dutch oven meal of baked chicken, sweet and regular potatoes, green bean casserole, and vanilla wafer and pudding parfait for desert. Scouts cooked it all over a fire using wood and charcoal. For our newest Scout, this gave him a chance to learn all about axe safety.
Scouts from all units prepared their meals from scratch, and event leaders got a chance to taste them all. There was enough food that no Scout remained hungry.
Everyone had a great time, and maintained a very cheerful spirit even through a weekend of on and off heavy rain. The district recognized Troop 205 with the “Spirit Award” given to one patrol at each major event who best displays Scout Spirit.