Updated October 19, 2008
Halloween Weekend #1 at Camp Tuckahoe, October 17-19, 2008
The Scouts planned a very different Haunted House this year a maze modeled after Indiana Jones Temple of Doom, keeping with the theme of the weekend. Knowing they had a lot of work to do, the Scout in charge of the Haunted House mapped out the location the bunks would have to be in to make the maze work, and they were placed prior to gear being brought into the cabin.
Saturday started off with breakfast and a staff meeting for all Scouts working the Halloween Day event. Troop and Crew 205 staffed multiple events such as the BB range, Archery Range, Sling Shot Trail, Baking Apples, and Kickball with an 8-ft beach ball. Additionally, the scouts had time to build and decorate a complete maze in the cabin, with smoke, light effects, shooting streams of air, and some creepy residents.
After a long day working with 800 Cubs and leaders, we all say down to a good diner around the campfire, and prepared for the evening scare.

Troop and crew 205 were asked to haunt the mall area along with the cabin. This is an open field surrounded by trees, where a lot of tombstones are placed, and lit by glow sticks in bottles of water. It gets real eerie, and the boys enjoyed this additional space outside to scare and have fun.

Cubs and parents climbed over, crawled under, and walked trough a maze with little lighting, and lots of creepy things to see and feel, making there way through the darkness and fog to the final chamber, where creatures guarded the treasure, and things flew around the room. The kids enjoyed being scared and had a great time in the haunted house. And the Troop and Crew enjoyed the experience, and have some ideas on how to make it better for 800 more visitors next week!