Updated November 8, 2008
Service Project at Stewartstown Railroad, November 8, 2008
Scouts were first treated to some history about trains and the old Stewartstown Railroad, including an interesting tale of a train coming into the station on file with no conductor. Members of the Railroad were on hand to answer questions for the boys, and demonstrate such things as how rails work, why trains are so easy to move when they weigh tons and tons, and switches. Scouts were allowed to help switch the tracks by the station.
One of the tasks of the day was leave and trash removal from the rails and station area. Members of the railroad are rehabbing the old station, and needed the area cleaned out for their roofing and building projects.
The two large engines were brought into the station, and a smaller unit was used to give the Scouts a short adventure down the tracks of the railroad.
Pizza and soda was donated for the Scouts and families assisting the cleanup efforts. There was plenty for everyone.
Many of the boys have worked at car wash fundraisers before. The afternoon was spent doing something different washing the trains. Both engines were cleaned inside and out taking off layers or dirt and grime so they could be more easily inspected and repaired by volunteers at the Railroad.
This project was completely organized by a Scout from Troop 205 as part of his leadership requirements for Star rank. Everyone worked real hard, and enjoyed being around the trains for the day.